International Student Service Centre (ISSC) is an international student recruitment agencies for China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia students, funded by UK & Ireland universities and other education bodies.

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International Student Service Centre - ISSC

The gateway to UK & Ireland university!

International Student Service Centre (ISSC), also known as Xuezi and SUUK, is a well-known international student recruitment agency. It is a division of Students United Limited.

ISSC is a premium brand which was founded on the belief that we could create something different in the marketplace, offering a product and service that really stands out. In the UK, Hong Kong and Mainland China we are a well-established international student recruitment agency of good reputation, and we are currently one of the largest in the UK, we submit over 2,000 applications for UK and Ireland universities every academic year.   阅读中文介绍

We provide free comprehensive services for international students, and we have a strong commitment to Customer Care, we believe that our customers are as important as our business.

Apply to UK & Ireland university through ISSC and get the following benefits for FREE:

- Admission Service
- Personalised counselling
- Application help & processing
- Visa counselling
- Visa application help

- Accomodation help
- Airport pick-up service
- Mentoring service
- Accommodation service
- Part-time job support

Simplified Chinese: www.suuk.org

Traditional Chinese: Hong Kong www.xuezi.hk     Macau www.suuk.mo.cn

Blog: www.educationguide.org

Offers: www.suuk.org/cases-search.asp     www.educationgudie.org/case

Email: enquiry@suuk.org    (For general enquiries and departmental contacts.)

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